PermeaSure and Mass Spectrometry


Cylinder and component permeation and on-line leakage measurement


Presure Testing 3The highly accurate and reliable TesTneT PermeaSure permeation and leak detection system enables continuous emission measurement of test specimen ranging from single fitting connections to complete high-pressure fuel storage systems.

  • Suitable for H2, He, CNG and CH4 permeation tests
  • Multiple sensors for reliable results
  • Continuous measurement for the investigation of dynamic effects over a wide range of concentrations
  • Regular calibration routines for validation of the test set-up
  • A new, unique algorithm for high-quality data evaluation
  • Transportable PermeaSure unit also suitable for tests in remote outdoor areas
  • Low maintenance effort for high cost efficiency



Mass Spectrometry


In parallel to the highly flexible PermeaSure system a mass spectrometry-based device is available for leak and permeation analysis. The Inficon Ecotec E3000 is widely used in the automotive industry and is therefore helpful in performing comparable leakage measurement as well as laboratory assessment of production-line and field tightness measurement. TesTneT uses a modified version of the device that enables customized test set-ups.



Permeation measurement of material samples


The TesTneT system for the assessment of permeation properties of plastic samples (e.g. for liner material qualification) allows profound comparison of different materials and production technologies.

  • Suitable for H2, He, CNG and CH4 permeation tests
  • Test pressure up to 90 MPa
  • A wide range of permeation rate values can be monitored
  • Cost efficient long term testing
  • Two samples may be tested in parallel
  • Adjustable ambient temperature
  • Tests with humidified and dried samples and gases


Best practice method

PermeaSure ® is featured as the best practice method for measuring
permeation rates of plastic material samples in ANSI/CSA CHMC2.